With my Hands, my Mind, my Passion, my Heart. Since 1700.
Since the beginning of the 1700s the Livi family makes arquebuses, melee weapons and cutting tools of any kind, an art perpetuated in the course of the centuries, passed from father to son, and still today expressed by Lido Livi - alias Mastro Livi - who has been taught by his father, therefore passing on the family heritage to this craft. A teaching going beyond the craft and art, by making excellence and quality an essential and fundamental factor to be offered to clients.
Mastro Livi makes artisan cutting tools of any kind, in particular straight razors, barber shears, razor strops, abrasive pastes, knives and surgical instruments. Since the times he was a kid, he has always had a particular passion for straight razors, tools for which he dedicated and committed his whole life and by bringing them to the level of art. In particular, Mastro Livi has been successful in re-valuating and relaunching straight razors - after a long period during which the interest for this noble tool seemed to vanish - by spreading in the world his artisan made razors and made according to his clients' needs and specifications. Mastro Livi has been in fact the one who started and developed the production of artisan razors and the so called "custom razor", a field in which he has always been protagonist, indisputable worldwide reference and leading figure.
Art and passion have always been the fundamental elements which characterized Mastro Livi's life and, still today - after more than sixty years of experience in this field - he is still offering his expertise and wisdom to his clients in order to give them a unique and exclusive masterpiece.
Moreover, Mastro Livi makes artisan damascus - both by using carbon and stainless steels suited for tempering - which are then used for the making of his masterpieces.

Mastro Livi School: Episode 14